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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  October 7, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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about to disappear. her home in northern pakistan team under the rule of the taliban. >> i was afraid of my future. i do not want to see any girl geithner and -- ignorant. i double my future sitting in a room -- i did not want my future to be sitting in a room. i did not want to see my life that way. >> her determination to speak out would come at a cost. she and her friends were traveling home on a school bus when it was stopped. [indiscernible] head ands shot in the
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deliberately targeted by the extremists. hase know that the taliban built hundreds of schools but have never targeted a child or children. >> is a different place from how it was in the taliban times. used to days, this area be dangerous and this is where the taliban and used to display the bodies of those they hanged. times, they had renamed it the bloody square. a few streets away is the old- school. class is full of bright and articulate girls with high aspirations. they tell me that they miss their friend's spirit. >> are you still competitive?
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>> yes. i miss it. i miss my friends. >> the school in birmingham is different than what she is used to. do you think british children take their education for granted? >> yes. i want to tell students to thank their teachers. go to school. >> she has made a remarkable physical recovery and underwent two major operations. including one to reattach her facial nerve. >> i can smile and it is getting better day by day. a cochlear implant, her hearing has been restored. tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. >> today, she has become the ion out ofe 57 mill school children. that fewn influence can imagine and still sees her self as an ordinary teenager. michelle hussein. that we saw to say a side that we have never seen before. >> that was at the hospital. she spent many weeks as an inpatient. she had her cochlear implant turn on for the first time. her medical recovery has been a long process. some of the work that was done on her face took several months before it would work. it has been a long road for recovery. journalists and
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sitting opposite you is a young girl was so much poise. >> it is humbling, actually. to realize that somebody is so young and so eloquent. it is because of the world that she is going up in. your children and my children will never be tested in the way that she was. age -- from aung young age, she has been forced to think hard about what is important in life and one of the crucial issues for her. on, thated, early education was the most important thing. had,xposure that she has she has stayed true to the core message. she talked about also to the issues and i think that she is
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trying to stay focused on her core issue, education, which, frankly, is a big enough issue. that is enough of an issue to keep her busy. >> may be it is outside of her comfort zone, but he talked about the taliban and said that it is for the politicians to decide. she things that dialogue is the only way. >> i asked about that. nobody has been arrested for the attack on her and her school friends. two other girls were injured that day. she has moved on and attacks happen all the time in pakistan where nobody is brought to justice. in some ways, it is not unusual. she feels that dialogue is the way forward and she is saying that at interesting point in time. ofistan is on the brink deciding what form any dialogue might take.
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this is coming out at a timely moment. pakistan thinks about the way forward and how to deal with the conflict with the taliban. >> i feel churlish asking this question, is there any sense in which she is now the west's darling and that might detract him what she can do if she goes home? >> is a fair point. the more time she spent in the west, the more danger she appears westernized. she is clear that there is no conflict between islam and education. she sees that as something that she has always fought for. she was on the record at the age of 11 and 12 saying that she wanted to go to school. she has not changed her message.
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i think the challenge will be to appear authentic. that is part of why she remains as she always was. she is truth the message. -- true to the message. >> there is more of the interview with mullah -- mulalah . you can see the program on bbc world news this weekend. michelle wrote a piece for the bbc website. for that, you can just go to our website to find out more. are coming ins from egypt of a car bomb attack on the security headquarters in sinai. in comes after security sources say that five egyptian soldiers have been killed in the northern port city. more than 50 people
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died in clashes between security thees and supporters of ousted president, mohamed morsi. our correspondent is in cairo. we saw the violence over the weekend and last night. the government says is under control. >> well, it may be under control, in terms of the basics. there are still some attacks going on. the muslim brotherhood would say there is no connection. , it is allernment part of terrorism. there is provincial capital of southern sinai, there was a car bomb attack. security headquarters had two people killed there and 50 people wounded. after, earlier in the
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day, and attack. , whether on duty or off duty is not clear, were at a checkpoint and came under fire. they were killed. in southern cairo, there is an rpg attack on a communications headquarters. tore were damages international phone calls and a couple people wounded there. a rash of attacks and perhaps more attention being given to the context of the clashes on sunday and sunday evening, in which more than 50 people were killed in cairo alone. the muslimrol, brotherhood has more protests. >> that is right.
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they are trying to stay alive, politically. they're calling on their followers to push against the coup. they're asking students to stage demonstrations on campuses on tuesday. they're calling on supporters to square -- take over the square. that is the podium for anyone want to be against the powers that be. then: the supporters to go there on friday. called on their supporters to go there on friday. so, the thing goes and the muslim brotherhood is trying to stay alive. they have been driven underground. they have been banned.
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there is a drive against them by the authorities to wipe them out and get them all the political map. they are trying to stay alive by staging demonstrations. >> thank you very much. stay with us. kerry defends the capture of an al qaeda leader. >> resilient security forces have conducted a raid on 12 shantytowns and rio de janeiro. the area was home to organized crime and has been handed over to a police unit. the move is part of a continuing effort to clear up the city's crime. they want to host the football world cup and the 2016 olympics. laura westbrook has more.
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>> the tanks rolled in before dawn and drove out the drug you -- drug lords. officers0 police and entered. hidden in the bushes, they found bullets and stashes of drugs. hour, controln was placed into the hands of a police unit. it is part of a police program to make the city safer. has been tainted by accusations that police tortured and murdered a man after interrogating him. police are learning from these events. this isolated case will not affect the classification process and rio de janeiro. week, police activity resulted in the death of an
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officer into drug traffickers. this is supposed to be a peaceful off for -- peaceful operation and, on the whole, it was. the police are now in control the police are now in control and the drug lords are gone. there is still a threat. they will be back. laura westbrook. >> for more on the preparation for the world cup, long onto the bbc website. -- log on to the bbc website. >> john kerry as that of the syrian government deserves credit for what they termed the rapid compliance to a monet chemical weapons. syrian officials began destroying materials under the
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supervision of -- mr. kerry said it was a good beginning. >> it is not insignificant that within days of the passing of this resolution in new york, inspectors are in syria and on the ground. they are already preceding to the destruction of chemical weapons and that began yesterday. missile warheads and other instruments that were destroyed. the process has begun in record for and we are appreciative the collaboration and the syrian compliance. >> john kerry. he has been defending the raid in libya by u.s. special forces to capture a militants who is
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wanted by the fbi. a navyhought to be on ship in the mediterranean. that was not the only action for navy seals on saturday. they also landed in a town controlled by al-shabaab in somalia. that mission was not successful. what is the u.s. doing? it is interesting, isn't it? the u.s. has come under criticism about not wanting this kind of attack. here they are doing these things through the back door. >> to have been doing them for a while. in the case of somalia, they accelerated plans. after westgate, they had an idea of where they thought he was and they got it wrong. they got it right in libya.
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aspectside the legal which are murky. in terms of special operations, targeted operations, going after high-value targets, this is what out do in africa to take the linchpins of terrorist organizations. they operate out of a number of bases. the u.s. military divides the world into zones. you have centcom. fricom doesn't have a home base in africa. their home base is in germany. the african capital is instant they tried hard to get the algerians to host them.
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the algerians said no. andalk about libyan access the people they call kidnappers. they have people on the ground and how does that work? wereth of these operations a combined operation between intelligence agencies, the rougher end of the cia, black ops, and military working for the cia working together with the joint special operations command. u.s. navy seals and seal team six work closely together with white house approval at the top level that accelerate their plans. i think we will see a lot more of this kind of thing. four years ago -- >> you said that the legal side is murky.
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you don't think that will stop america from carrying on these operations. >> they have prepared themselves. that libyans said was lawfully done. >> an act of war. >> indeed. they are saying this is an infringement of sovereignty. deal with them, but the americans do it. >> would have to stop here. -- we have to stop here. thank you very much. the asian pacific trade group is meeting on the indonesian island of bali. president obama has been forced to stay at home because of the u.s. government budget crisis and shut down.
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bali is usually a place where you can get back and forget about the world. that is, until the world comes to you. talking trade? it might as well be here. down the road, some of the most powerful men in the world take advantage of the opportunity to break bread. who is sitting in america's eat? seat. the u.s. trade representative. xi has been meeting people for days. after the movers and shakers, appearances do matter. a mogul told me that barack obama mattered. >> i talked to many people.
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they were coming from all over the country. they were expecting him to come. but, you know, what can we do? >> this was supposed to be the moment when obama cemented his a hist in the -- is asia -- asia pivot. that does not look likely. those who represent america say 's cancellation is a delay and not a dead-end. the united states will be a major player in the reagion. >> china. >> they were here anyways. >> there is time for america to torrent towards a job -- asia. they cannot afford to turn their
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back. xi says that obama has missed a chance to make a specific dreams pacific dreamss come true. absent asr, obama is an accident. in his absence, does it highlight the chinese wrong -- role? xi has brought his wife and they have been hobnobbing. the trade agreement involves 10 countries in the south east asia area. the transpacific partnership that the united states is negotiating excludes china. obama has a perception problem.
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here doing the meetings that are needed to deepen economic ties and president obama cannot make it to this region for the third time. his envoys do not deliver the charisma that is needed to make the breakthroughs. trade is difficult. the multilateral system, which would have been ideal, is going nowhere. i'll be watching this for another day and i can assure you that i will not be enjoying it eight times in. -- anytime soon. >> do not forget, we have more coming up. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the
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common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo. government ministers from countries around the pacific have gathered to talk about the challenges their countries face and ways to cooperate. they're representing the 21 member states of the asia-pacific economic
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cooperation forum. they began by discussing trade and information technology products and how to eliminate tariffs. the ministers spoke about ways to comply with the world trade organization's information technology agreement. signatories are trying to eliminate their tariffs on i.t. products. chinese leaders are reluctant to abolish their country's tariffs on dvd players and video cameras. so ministers at the apec meeting said they'd work hard to find solutions and honor the terms of the agreement. >> translator: i think it's important for japan and u.s. to work together in taking initiative to scrap tariffs on i.t. products. representatives are also having one-to-one meetings. so we're moving in the right direction. >> ministers will continue their talks on the information technology agreement when they get together again on saturday. the u.s. government shutdown is having repercussions for the country's diplomacy. president barack obama has
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canceled his plans to attend next week's economic summits in indonesia and brunei. instead, he will remain in washington and continue urging lawmakers to pass a budget bill that would reopen the government. obama was to attend the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum in bali. he was then supposed to chair the transpacific partnership free trade talks there. the president's next scheduled stop was the east asia summit in brunei. a white house spokesman said obama phoned the leaders of the two host countries to express his regrets. obama had already canceled visits to malaysia and the philippines, and japan's economic revitalization minister akira amari says that tpp member nations agreed to speed up the talks. he said they will still try to conclude the negotiations within this year. >> translator: ministers from several nations have said we should not lose the momentum to
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president obama's absence. we do not have much time until tuesday's summit, but we will make efforts to work out a framework agreement in time. investors around the world are keeping a close eye on the u.s. fiscal issue as the government shutdown continues. labor officials had to postpone the release of the jobs data scheduled on friday due to the suspension of u.s. government services. market participants had been waiting for the latest numbers for clues on whether the federal reserve would start to taper its monetary easing measures soon. we asked marisa di natale, an economist at moody's analytics, about the impact the government shutdown is having on the nation's economy, and risks of the nation defaulting on its debt. >> the impact of the government shutdown on the u.s. economy really depends on how long it lasts.
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so if it only lasts maybe a couple more days, and it's resolved next week, we expect the economic impact to be pretty minimal. so we're talking about fourth-quarter gdp growth that's maybe about 0.2 of a percentage point lower than it would have been. if, however, the shutdown lasts longer, if it lasts two or three weeks, even four weeks, like it did back in 1995-1996, we could actually see a decline in fourth-quarter gdp, and the economic impact would be much, much more severe. we also have to remember there's about 800,000 federal workers that are laid off right now without pay. when that happened in '95-'96, they were paid retroactively when the government opened up again. so that's good, but in the meantime, we're missing a lot of consumer spending, discretionary spending in the economy. we think that the shutdown will probably be resolved sometime next week, and i think the bigger risk right now is


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